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Aadum Koothu (2009)

Director: T V Chandran
Star Cast: Navya Nair, Prakash Raj, Cheran, Akil Kumar
Music Director: Lsaac Thomas Kottukapally
Cinematography: Madhu Ambat
Screenplay: T V Chandran

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குரு என் ஆளு

Guru En Aalu (Tamil: குரு என் ஆளு) is a Tamil comedy and romance film directed by Selva and inspired by the storyline of Aziz Mirza's Yes Boss. Madhavan acts in the lead role, whilst Mamta Mohandas, Abbas, Brinda Parekh and Vivek also play roles in the film. The film, which had been under production since late 2007, released in April 2009 to mixed reviews.

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Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is a 2007 adventure film, the third film in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The plot follows the crew of the Black Pearl rescuing Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), from Davy Jones's Locker, and then preparing to fight the East India Trading Company, led by Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) and Davy Jones (Bill Nighy), who plan to extinguish piracy. Gore Verbinski directed the film, as he did with the previous two. It was shot in two shoots during 2005 and 2006, the former simultaneously with the preceding film, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

The film was released in English-speaking countries on May 24, 2007 after Disney decided to move the release date to a day earlier than originally planned. Critical reviews were mixed, but At World's End was a box office hit, becoming the most successful film of 2007, grossing approximately $960 million worldwide, and making it the second most successful in the series, behind Dead Man's Chest. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Makeup and the Academy Award for Visual Effects. Furthermore, at an estimated $300 million, this is the most expensive Hollywood film ever produced (not adjusted for inflation).

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Laadam is a Tamil film starring Charmy Kaur and debutant Aravindhan, directed by Prabu Solomon. Kota Srinivasa Rao, Dheeraj Kher and Babu Antony also play prominent roles in the gangster-orientated thriller. Upon release the film was dubbed into the Telugu language as 16 Days.

A substandard tale, the story begins with Kunjidhapadam (Aravindan) who comes from a small place to the city for an interview and he manages to find place to stay with his distant relative Subramanyam who is actually a defaulter on loans taken on interest. He is absconding but then leaves his key at a secret place. Kunjidhapadam takes the key and stays and he also manages to get a job. On the other hand, there is Angel (Charmy Kaur) who grows as an orphan and works with a mineral water company. She doesn't have a place to stay so she locates those houses without occupants and stays there for a night and gets going in the morning. One such instance gets her to Kunjidhapadam's house. All this apart, there are two dons Pavadai (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and Vembuli (Jayaprakash) who are out to kill each other and Vembuli is successful in killing Pavadai's son. So he vows to kill Vembuli's son by the 12th day ceremony of his son. A twist of fate occurs and Pavadai's goons mistake Kunjidhapadam to be Subrahmanyam and get him to take money. Kunjidhapadam gives an idea to kill Vembuli's son and he is given a 16 day deadline to kill else Pavadai threatens to kill him

Vembuli came's to know this and tried to kill Kunjidhapadam. But he comes alive. After that he again meets Angel and tries to get money from her to give it back to Pavadai which his distant relative Subramanyam has to give. At that time Pavadai realizes and confirms that Kunjidhapadam has to kill Vembulies son.

He returned back and on the way he mets the opposite gangster and tries to escape from them and gangsters got his files which contains his degree certificate. After that he meets Angel again and returned her money back which Pavadai returned with double of the amount and a gun. After that he meets Angel and both are planning to stay in comedy actor Vadivelu's house. After that both follows a men working under Vembulie and went inside a restaurent where he managed to get information about Vembulie's son who is hidden in a moving air bus with lots of securities. And he is in search of the bus and founds. After that he tries to stop the bus and wants to talk with Vembulie's son. He tells all things happened with Pavadai and ask him to give him a job with security from Pavadai. But they plays a life game and ordered not to face again or else he will be killed. After that both went to a ministers house to stay at night and in morning they got caught and they managed to escape from the ministers gang. A police tries to escape them and he brings both to station and mistakenly he makes them to get married. And brought them to his house, because it is 100th marriage done in police station. In house first night has been arranged and at that time both Angel and Kunjidhapadam becomes closer and get good affectionate and both caught in love. Next day he tries to see Vembulie's son who is in a small boat and some of his gangsters were playing in beach and they throws him into the sea. He manages to swim and reaches the boat and asks for his degree certificates. They all played and tornes all his cerfificate and one of the guy from that gang asks him to send his Angel to him for prostitution. Now Kunjidhapadam got angry and kills all in boat and kills Vembulie's son too and brings the body in a small boat to beach where all gangsters were playing and kills all the mens in the gang. After that he brings the body to Vembulie's house and kidnapps Vembuli as well as Pavadai. And keeps both tied in a rock area and murders all. And again joins with Angel and starts back to Hydrabad and the film ends with got good job, they became parent for 2 childrens and happy lived.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

< endofvid
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Pathu Pathu

Late American president Abraham Lincoln assassination took place at 10:10 Hours, in order to highlight the suspense and thrill of the movie, The Indian Dream Makers are producing a Tamil movie called “Pathu Pathu” .

Several sets of the filming has been completed that includes goose bumping action by Thalivasal Vijay. Director Sathyam is planning for the final sets of filming; would likely to take place by July 4th, 2007 and will continue until the full movie shooting is complete.

The movie is planned to be in the theaters by August 2007. The movie Pathu Pathu will be a fun filled action thriller-comedy and eye-catching picturization which will be a joyful holiday treat especially for the youngsters and all ages.

Shooting is going on in the greater Chennai. Main casts in the movie are ThalaiVasal Vijay, Cute Sona, “Metti Oli” Bose, Padma Narayan, etc

Debutant director Sathyam, is taking care of story and penned script for this film. A group of NRI guys from USA are the producers and Mrs.Rajeswari Gnanasambandam over seeing the production maintenance in Chennai. Suspense, Action and Comedy packed Thriller is the crux of the story, so director keeping his script sharp to shoot the film.
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Kulir 100

Anita Udeep is a welcome addition to the list of Tamil women directors, but her first commercial film Kulir 100 Degree, leaves one cold! The film is un-involving, and one wishes Anita had whipped up a more winsome screenplay.

In her pre-release interviews the writer director had said that the film is “about six teenagers studying in a boarding school, their friendship, laughter and love.” It was but natural to expect a trendy, cool and youthful entertainer. Alas what we get is a half baked movie with hardly any romance or fun, and a story that just doesn’t wash.

Surya (Sanjeev) is the son of a local dada (Aditya), and studies at the Chengalpet Matriculation School. His mother who is separated from her rowdy husband wants him to grow up as a model citizen. Unfortunately he has more of his father’s genes and gets expelled for beating up a teacher.

Surya who is attached to his mother gives a promise that he will not take the path to violence again, and is admitted to the up market Lake View School in Ooty (the principal of the school Thalaivasal Vijay says it is the “best school in south Asia!!”).

The Chengalpet guy is looked down by his snooty seniors led by Rohit (Rohit Rathod) and his gang. The only person who stands with him is Babloo (Bobo Sasi), and the principal’s daughter Tanya (Riya) who has a soft corner for him.

Under extreme provocation, Surya keeps his cool as he tries to live up to his mother’s expectation. However he breaks down after Babloo is murdered, and goes on a revenge spree. The film ends on a tragic note, as the message of the film is conveyed.

The film lacks believability factor as there are too many loopholes in the storyline. How can a guy studying in a matriculation school get admission with scholarship in a snooty and totally up market school?

The police have no clue to Babloo’s murder, which is written off as a natural death? The heroine role is poorly etched and is sent away for psychiatric treatment half way through the movie!

The pluses are L.K Vijay’s Camera and Bobo Sasi’s songs though his background score is a let down. The first half is ok and there is some freshness about it, but peters off into nothingness towards the abrupt climax.

The film lacks the magic one associate with boarding school brat pack movie. Let us hope Anita Udeep, learns from her mistakes and finds a better script in her next outing.

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Siva Manasula Sakthi

Starring: Jeeva, Anuya, Uravasi, Santhanam
Direction: Rajesh M .
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: B Srinivasan.

Vikatan Talkies has forayed into films with what looks upfront like a potential winner because of its timeless theme coupled with the perfect timing of its release. Siva Manasula Sakthi, supposed to be a sweet and simple love story that is the perfect Valentine’s date. Many films in the years gone by have made hay in the Valentine’s sunshine. But will SMS go the same way remains to be seen.

SMS tells the story of Siva and Sakthi, a couple who fall in
Siva Manasula Sakthi
love with each other after a prolonged series of scuffles. Prima facie, there is nothing new in the plot. The story of a couple who initially hates and despises each other and finally falls in love has been told many times, it is the presentation that has to save the day. The movie begins on a train where the couple meets each other for the first time; they lie to each other about their occupations, it is hard to figure out why? But, in the course of time the lies are exposed and both Siva and Sakthi want to settle scores with each other. In the scenes that follow, they go for each others’ necks, giving each other all kinds of troubles, trying to humiliate the other. This goes on for quite a long time and after a point gets tiresome. The portion where the movie falters big time is the point where Siva and Sakthi fall in love. It is hard to see how tender emotions replaced the furious and angry ones that were present not very long ago; the transformation is not smooth. Then, the regular love story begins but their ego keeps surfacing time and again, so does our frustration at the repetitiveness of the whole affair. Finally, they agree to get married, but Siva places one last condition to Sakthi. You might think that it would be a test of love and commitment, but no, it is as ridiculous a condition as it can get. What is more ridiculous is that Sakthi agrees to it. However it turns out that Siva was playing his trump card to get the better of Sakthi. How all their egos are brushed aside and they finally settle down to happy domesticity is the culmination of the story.

If it is a love story there are a few elements that must be spot on for the film to work. The love story must captivate and endear, here it hardly looks genuine. The lead pair must share a chemistry that makes everyone wish for something similar in their lives; here that vital chemistry is totally absent. In short, what should have been a love story becomes tasteless in a 2 hour something celluloid depiction of all things that a love story should not be made of. Towards the final parts of the movie you desperately want it to end, even after the movie is over the director decides to serve us a few more frames, this time showing us the couple’s post marital squabbles.

When the story and presentation are a big let down, there is not much that you can expect from the artistes to do to save the movie. Jeeva walks through a role that has too little for him to do, it is a waste of his precious talent. The young actor would be better off selecting better scripts; he is in need of a hit. Debutante Anuya hardly does anything to impress. Urvashi does not have anything at all; one would expect more footage for an actress of her caliber. Santhanam too is another case of under utilization, but there are a couple of scenes where the humor is enjoyable, one of the very few saving graces of the movie. Then, at many points in the movie the director has pulled spoofs on some of our favorite scenes in Tamil cinema. Though not excellent, they have come out fairly well. The surprise packet of the movie is Arya in a guest appearance. Though just a mini cameo, he adds color to the movie.

Taking about saving graces, Yuvan Shankar Raja is the silver lining of SMS. His re-recording is good, two songs, ‘Oru Kal oru kannadi’ and ‘Eppadiyo mattikutten’ are delightful to hear. But his efforts are wasted by some uninspired film making. There is not much else to mention on the technical front. Dialogues at many places have double edges which justifies the U/A tag for a love story. Also, the movie seems to have given a lot of importance to product placements that at times you feel like watching an ad on screen.

Overall, SMS was supposed to be a sweet and endearing love story but it is far from what is intended to be, the only thing attractive about the movie is the contraction of its title ‘SMS’ which is the love mantra for the current generation. At the box office, despite being released during the best time of the year for romance, it will probably join the list of movies which tried desperately to be soooo sweet but ended up flat on its face.

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Dubai Seenu

Cast: Ravi Teja, Nayantara
Direction: Srinu Vytla
Music: Manisharma

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Thee Tamil Movie

Cast:Sundar C, Ragini, Namitha, Manoj K Jayan, Goutham, Raj Kapoor, G M Kumar, Shayaji Shinde
Music:Srikanth Deva

Sundar C has tried to take a giant leap to join the bandwagon of mass heroes with Thee. The flick carries a positive title inspired by a successful yesteryear Rajinikanth film. Director Kiccha has chosen a political subject that drives home a message that it is the general public who are responsible for the maladies in the social set up. Rather than blaming the politicians or the policemen, a change has to occur in the mindset of the masses to usher and bring a fresh lease of life in the society.

Thee, inspired by the Telugu hit ‘Operation Duryodhana’, carries a mass theme. It is about a sincere and honest police officer, fighting against greedy and selfish politicians. They finish off his family. In order to seek revenge on the bad elements, he changes his appearance and become a big politician. He eventually manages to teach them a lesson. What is praiseworthy in the movie is that Kiccha has chosen consciously to portray police as sincere and hardworking lot. Their moral values are thoroughly expressed.

The movie reminds one of films including ‘Mudhalvan’, ‘Samy’ and ‘Dhool’ in patches. Unlike the original (Operation Duryodhana), the Tamil version has several commercial elements added to it. Namitha oozes glamour and there are romantic duets and Kuthu songs needlessly stuffed that brakes the film’s progress. Sarathy (Sundar C) is a sincere circle inspector. He lives a happy and a contended life with his wife Ragini (Kalyani). A sincere officer, he often gets the wrath of local politicians. As a result he is transferred frequently. Once, a farmer dies of electrocution and Sarathy arrests the MLA (G M Kumar) and his henchmen. As a result, the MLA is forced to leave politics. He hatches a conspiracy against Sarathy and kills his family. Sarathy decides to teach him a lesson.

He changes his attire and also his name to Perumal. Thanks to the help of an actress Ruchi Devi (Namitha) he makes it big in politics by getting a ticket to contest in the by-elections and eventually becomes an MLA. He indulges in unlawful acts to get the ire of people. He devises a strategy and gets the police insulted by the people. Eventually the police force goes on strike en masse and the day-to-day activities come to standstill. People suffer serious problems. Sarathy enters utilizing the opportunity to revenge on the former MLA and his gang. The movie ends with Sarathy uttering a lengthy dialogue and restores order. He eventually enlightens and educates the people on the political and police system.

Sundar C looks good on screen as an honest police officer. He walks nude in the opening scene creating much expectation on his character. However the subsequent events fizzle out the depth in his character. He showed some restraint and played the role well. Namitha as an influential actress is tailor-made for the character. She is cool, suave and leaves an impression with her skin show. The actress, who seemed to have thinned down, deserves a pat for playing such a bold role. She also appears in a song and fulfills the purpose for which she has been roped in the project. Ragini plays as Sundar C’s wife. She appears briefly in the movie sacrificing her life to the anti-social elements.

Shayaji Shinde plays a cameo, while the rest of the cast include Manoj K Jayan, Goutham, Thalaivasal Vijay and Sakthivel. Srikanth Deva’s music is as usual loud and very familiar.

Dialogues are the major highlight of the movie. Lines on violence against the minority, the need to respect police officers and people selling votes for money are sharp. Produced by Sree Movie Makers and distributed by Sun Pictures, ‘Thee’ begins brisk but doused down towards the climax. A déjà vu feeling and an influence of overdose of Telugu masala flick cannot be ruled out in the end.

Part One

Part Two

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Thoranai is a film starring Vishal and Shriya Saran in the lead roles, whilst, supporting actor Prakash Raj plays another prominent role. Directed by debutant Iyappan, and produced by Vishal's home company, GK Films, the filmreleased in 2009. The film is titled Pistha, for its simultaneously filmed Telugu version.

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Mahesh Saranya Matrum Palar

Mahesh, Saranya Matrum Palar (2008) is a Tamil film directed by film director, Ravi starring Sakthi Vasu ,N. Anand and Sandhya in the lead roles. It began its first schedule on February 11, 2008 and released on November 28, 2008.

Mahesh (Shakthi) comes back to his family from Chennai where he is studying, for the wedding of his sister Keerthana (Saranya) whom he dotes on. He starts telling her about a girl Saranya (Sandhya) whom he accidentally meets and falls in love. Slowly, at regular intervals this narration continues as everyone on the large household joins one by one to hear Mahesh’s love story. Finally on the day of Keerthana’s marriage a twist in the story happens as Mahesh is forced to confess about the climax of his love story that leaves everyone shocked!

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Mission Impossible 3

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is battered, beaten, and broken. He begs for his wife’s life. He promises anything. He’ll do anything. Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) looks straight into his eyes, points a gun at his wife’s head, and fires anyway. Cue the Mission: Impossible theme music and cue writer/director J.J. Abrams’ (“Lost”, “Alias”) triumphant transition from gripping television to gripping feature filmmaking.

This newest Mission finds Tom Cruise’s Hunt semi-retired and on the verge of getting married. He has quit the field and taken a job as a trainer at the IMF. His wife to be thinks he studies traffic patterns. Since watching Ethan educate newbies isn’t much fun, he receives a self-destructing message that sends him back on active duty. He gets with his old buddy Luther (Ving Rhames), assembles a new team, and sets out after his target: a vicious arms dealer named Davian.

One of the most impressive things about Abrams’ take on the Mission franchise is that he finds a way to make it more of a team effort rather than the one man Tom Cruise show the other movies default to. This is the first of these films to even sniff the feel of the old television series which started it all. The best scene in this or any of these movies features Hunt’s strike force invading the Vatican as a group, putting to use all the gadgets and team sneaking Abrams’ script can muster. Don’t get me wrong Cruise is still clearly the focus, and especially towards its end the movie becomes almost entirely about him. There’s still plenty of Tom Cruise sprinting through the city solo, but this movie isn’t just about Tom Cruise running around by himself.

Speaking of Tom Cruise, he’s good. I mean really good. I don’t think he’s ever really turned in a bad performance, but he’s more in his element here than he’s been anywhere recently. The guy is money, and seeing him running through a canal at breakneck speed is nearly as fun as watching him fly a fighter jet into the danger zone was twenty years ago. When he’s not pulling fight duty, he’s even better. Domesticated Ethan Hunt has an easy air about him. Watching him try to explain traffic patterns to his wife’s friends works, it’s believable that at least at home, he’s been tamed. When on duty, it helps that he has a great foil here in the form of Hoffman. He’s dark, there’s death in eyes and destruction in his words when he faces Ethan. A bad guy like this is exactly what’s been missing from the Bond franchise.

MI3 has a lot in common with the last great Arnold Schwarzenegger movie True Lies. A spy hides his identity from his wife; his wife gets dragged inadvertently into his world. But where True Lies played a lot of that comedically, Mission: Impossible 3 takes it deadly serious. Still, if you’ve seen True Lies you’ll have a pretty good idea where this one ends up. If you’re going to borrow ideas for your action movie, taking a few cues from James Cameron isn’t a bad way to go. Abrams’ borrows liberally from some of Cameron’s biggest action bits, and then betters them to raise the stakes on Ethan Hunt as he’s ripped apart over the course of the film.

The movie’s not perfect. In his quest to bring teamwork back to Mission: Impossible Abrams sometimes makes the mistake of focusing on the film’s ancillary team members a little too much. Did we really need to hear about random team member number four’s lost cat? Probably not. Teamwork yes, sappy stories no. But those are minor issues in a movie that cranks up the heat right from the start, and then lets things boil over and burn. Mission: Impossible III is so superior to its predecessors that it’s almost unfair to burden it with the name Mission: Impossible. Where the first movie was slow and sometimes boring, MI3 is non-stop, heart-pumping adrenaline. Where the second movie was slow motion flexing and zero plot development, MI3 is taut, suspenseful and sharp edged; the action is fast and the story perfectly tuned. This is J.J. Abrams’ feature film directorial debut, but he steps into big blockbuster filmmaking as if he’s been doing it all along. With “Lost” and “Alias” as his background, maybe he has been. Review from www.cinema

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Rajathi Raja

Sakthi Chidambaram won appraisals not just from film critics, but across various centres for his entire crème de la crème social message blended with best entertainment factors. Perhaps, his following films were really pathetic on all terms leading to bad results, except ‘Kovai Brothers’. But then, why did he shore on certain worst commercial films like ‘Vyaapari’, ‘Pazhani’ and now ‘Rajathi Raja’. Why has he turned more flimsy on all vistas? They aren’t commendable ones precisely.

Sick indeed! Bounded with filthy languages most of the times muted, unbearable punch dialogues and moreover Raghava Lawrence imitating Rajnikanth. Likewise, there are more aspects that’ll fry your senses with more appalling thoughts. Of course, no wonder in censor board officials certifying with ‘A’… On the whole, ‘Rajathi Raja’ isn’t an apt film for either elite groups or B centres… However, frontbenchers could find some solace with the clumsy dialogues and so-called acts.

Raja (Raghava Lawrence), hails from the town of Kuttralam and he turns to be more shocking to find his father’s arm disembodied due to a drunkard doctor’s carelessness during a surgery. His last wish to his son is that all the three other elder brothers should be urged to become police officer, lawyer and doctor. But then as the dreams come true, he is furthermore shocked to find that his three brothers are getting on with atrocious deeds in the city as they assist a local politician Saidai Shyla (Mumtaz). Raja has to now get on with his heroism bounded action to set the society clean and turn his brothers in good personalities.

On the dots, you’re thrown into extreme turmoil and run out of theatres much before the film will get over. Please Sakthi don’t ever give us such kind of films. As well, Raghava Lawrence should stop imitating Rajnikanth. It’s a great dishonor to all his superstar fans. None of the heroines have got a meaty role to play. Looks like all filmmakers have made a deal with Meenakshi to appear in Pre KG sized girl’s costume of micro-mini tops and pants. In no way, it suits her physique as well Snigitha can better avoid such offers when she has a good film like ‘Nandhalala’ ready for release. Musical score by Karunaas isn’t worth heeding to as it causes heavy bleeding in your ears.

As a whole, the film is better to avoid and not worth watchable at any cost.

Cast & Crew:

Banner: Cinema Paradiso

Production: Sakthi Chidambaram

Direction: Sakthi Chidambaram

Star-casts: Raghava Lawrence, Mumtaz, Meenakshi, Kamna, Snigitha, Mumtaz, Karunaas and others.

Music: Karunaas

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