Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rajathi Raja

Sakthi Chidambaram won appraisals not just from film critics, but across various centres for his entire crème de la crème social message blended with best entertainment factors. Perhaps, his following films were really pathetic on all terms leading to bad results, except ‘Kovai Brothers’. But then, why did he shore on certain worst commercial films like ‘Vyaapari’, ‘Pazhani’ and now ‘Rajathi Raja’. Why has he turned more flimsy on all vistas? They aren’t commendable ones precisely.

Sick indeed! Bounded with filthy languages most of the times muted, unbearable punch dialogues and moreover Raghava Lawrence imitating Rajnikanth. Likewise, there are more aspects that’ll fry your senses with more appalling thoughts. Of course, no wonder in censor board officials certifying with ‘A’… On the whole, ‘Rajathi Raja’ isn’t an apt film for either elite groups or B centres… However, frontbenchers could find some solace with the clumsy dialogues and so-called acts.

Raja (Raghava Lawrence), hails from the town of Kuttralam and he turns to be more shocking to find his father’s arm disembodied due to a drunkard doctor’s carelessness during a surgery. His last wish to his son is that all the three other elder brothers should be urged to become police officer, lawyer and doctor. But then as the dreams come true, he is furthermore shocked to find that his three brothers are getting on with atrocious deeds in the city as they assist a local politician Saidai Shyla (Mumtaz). Raja has to now get on with his heroism bounded action to set the society clean and turn his brothers in good personalities.

On the dots, you’re thrown into extreme turmoil and run out of theatres much before the film will get over. Please Sakthi don’t ever give us such kind of films. As well, Raghava Lawrence should stop imitating Rajnikanth. It’s a great dishonor to all his superstar fans. None of the heroines have got a meaty role to play. Looks like all filmmakers have made a deal with Meenakshi to appear in Pre KG sized girl’s costume of micro-mini tops and pants. In no way, it suits her physique as well Snigitha can better avoid such offers when she has a good film like ‘Nandhalala’ ready for release. Musical score by Karunaas isn’t worth heeding to as it causes heavy bleeding in your ears.

As a whole, the film is better to avoid and not worth watchable at any cost.

Cast & Crew:

Banner: Cinema Paradiso

Production: Sakthi Chidambaram

Direction: Sakthi Chidambaram

Star-casts: Raghava Lawrence, Mumtaz, Meenakshi, Kamna, Snigitha, Mumtaz, Karunaas and others.

Music: Karunaas


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