Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kulir 100

Anita Udeep is a welcome addition to the list of Tamil women directors, but her first commercial film Kulir 100 Degree, leaves one cold! The film is un-involving, and one wishes Anita had whipped up a more winsome screenplay.

In her pre-release interviews the writer director had said that the film is “about six teenagers studying in a boarding school, their friendship, laughter and love.” It was but natural to expect a trendy, cool and youthful entertainer. Alas what we get is a half baked movie with hardly any romance or fun, and a story that just doesn’t wash.

Surya (Sanjeev) is the son of a local dada (Aditya), and studies at the Chengalpet Matriculation School. His mother who is separated from her rowdy husband wants him to grow up as a model citizen. Unfortunately he has more of his father’s genes and gets expelled for beating up a teacher.

Surya who is attached to his mother gives a promise that he will not take the path to violence again, and is admitted to the up market Lake View School in Ooty (the principal of the school Thalaivasal Vijay says it is the “best school in south Asia!!”).

The Chengalpet guy is looked down by his snooty seniors led by Rohit (Rohit Rathod) and his gang. The only person who stands with him is Babloo (Bobo Sasi), and the principal’s daughter Tanya (Riya) who has a soft corner for him.

Under extreme provocation, Surya keeps his cool as he tries to live up to his mother’s expectation. However he breaks down after Babloo is murdered, and goes on a revenge spree. The film ends on a tragic note, as the message of the film is conveyed.

The film lacks believability factor as there are too many loopholes in the storyline. How can a guy studying in a matriculation school get admission with scholarship in a snooty and totally up market school?

The police have no clue to Babloo’s murder, which is written off as a natural death? The heroine role is poorly etched and is sent away for psychiatric treatment half way through the movie!

The pluses are L.K Vijay’s Camera and Bobo Sasi’s songs though his background score is a let down. The first half is ok and there is some freshness about it, but peters off into nothingness towards the abrupt climax.

The film lacks the magic one associate with boarding school brat pack movie. Let us hope Anita Udeep, learns from her mistakes and finds a better script in her next outing.


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