Monday, April 16, 2012

Kochadaiyaan Press Meet at London

Kochadaiyaan Press Meet was held in U.K. on March 31st. Rajinikanth, AR Rahman, Soundarya Rajinikanth spoke about the film. The film features for the first time the unique Performance Capturing with Photorealistic Technology. This state-of-the-art advanced technology transcends the CGI capabilities utilized in Hollywood films such as "Avatar," "Tin Tin" and "BeoWulf."

Kochadaiyaan, a period film, is not inspired by history. "It is a fictitious subject and we are going back in time and the film is a fight between good and evil," says 27-year-old Soundarya, a first-time director, who aims release the film around the world.

Kochadaiyaan Press Meet at LondonKochadaiyaan Press Meet at LondonKochadaiyaan Press Meet at LondonKochadaiyaan Press Meet at London

The film, Soundarya says, is a tribute to her father. "I am a die-hard fan of my dad. In my dad's career he has never made a film in which he has played a warrior. Now, I am showcasing him as one, with a six-pack and bulging biceps."

Describing the film as the first 3D animation fantasy being made in India, Soundarya says the main inspiration behind the film was her desire to 'immortalise' her father.

"This technique allows us to do so much more creatively than what live action films can push. It's different from visual effects where you shoot live and composite it with a CG background, but in this film everything is going to be created in the studio. This is going to be something spectacular visually," she explains.

Rajnikanth, who is proud of his daughter's work, admits he was uncomfortable working with her in the beginning. "I am really proud and shocked to see my daughter directing. At first I was really uncomfortable, but later I forgot she is my daughter and I could only see her as a director," the proud father says.

Music maestro AR Rahman said Kochadaiyaan emerged from Rajinikanth's sensibilities and is excited about this project.



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