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Lakshmi Ramakrishan directs Aarokanam

Lakshmi Ramakrishna stole the hearts of cinema lovers by her splendid performance in her debut film itself. That was Chakkaramuthu – Malayalam movie directed by Lohithadas in the year 2006. In 2008 Kodambakkam doors were opened to the extremely talented and very beautiful Lakshmi Ramakrishna through Pirivom Santhippom. She has done the mother character to princes of smile.

Poi Solla Porom earned a lot of appreciation to Lakshmi Ramakrishna. After PSP she has done 33 movies in a very short span of time. Lakshmi Ramakrishna is the most demanded supporting artists in Tamil Cinema.

She now echoed her directors commands "Ready..Start Camera..Action..Cut" in Aarokanam. Yes, Lakshmi Ramakrishna is directing the movie Aarokanam which is being produced by AVA Production and Monkey Creative Lab. Aarokanam is nearing completion now.

Speaking about her directorial debut LR says, "We started the movie Aarokanam only for film festivals. But later on it grew like a commercial movie. Now Arokanam can compete in film festivals and in commercial race as well. We are watching many movies, most of them repeat the same old stories. We are doing Arokanam differently and honestly. Tamil audiences never fail to recognize good movies for example Mounaguru. In the same way they will surely accept and celebrate Aarokanam too.

It is not necessary for telling a serious thing in the same way. Serious elements can be portrayed in a jolly and positive approach. I have designed Aarokanam like that only. It will tell you a touching story which happened near to me.

I have written 45 different screenplays for that story and choose the best out of them for shooting. Kamal sir only inspired me to work hard like this in making screenplays. I learned this technique when I attended his screen writing workshop. For visuals concern Myyskin is the inspiration to me. I observed his working styles in his movies in which I was also a part of those movies. I simply followed his way and you can realize that in Aarokanam. At this juncture I recall my beloved directors Gowtham, Myyskin, Arivazhagan and Vijay. They gave brief explanation patiently whenever I asked about film making. Because of them only I started my direction confidently.

Arokanam would have been my own product as a producer too since I do not want to do experiments in others money. Interestingly Medimix group took over the entire production after seeing the first half of Aarokanam. We are now trying to give a quality movie. If you ask why there are not much successive woman directors in Tamil Cinema industry my answer would be Yes they all are successive woman directors only. They are succeeding even after meeting huge responsibilities in their families and society as well. They are perfectly balancing both as a responsible woman and an assistant director as well. They are getting producers because of their hard work. So my colleagues – beloved woman film directors are all successive directors only.

Still I never do movies to become a prominent film director. Success is my least preference. Ultimate aim is to give good movie and I hope I will. Like giving an interview on air through Radio and Television I ve spoken 88to you through this film. Aarokanam will not necessary to produce a massive change in society instead its enough making people to think for a while. I strongly believe people will look differently at mentally challenged human beings after watching Aarokanam.

I introduce Viresh and Jai Guheni, apart from them well known actors like Sampath, Jayaprakash, Viji Chandrasekar, Uma Padmanaban,, Rajee and Vijayasarathy have acted in this movie. I can say Jai Guheni will be known as cloning of Padmapriya after this movie.

Rowthiram Shammuga Sundaram is the DoP while K composes the music. National award winner editor Kishore cuts Aarokanam too. Stunt – Dilip Subbarayan, Dance-Bobby and production manager of Aarokanam is Benjamin.

Anup is producing this movie for AVA production in association with Monkey Creative Lab" oh… she started breathing after telling every thing in a single breath.

When asking about her contribution as an actress, "Yes , I followed KS Ravikumar for that" Lakshmi Ramakrishna replied. ( Hope you know KSR's style of coming in one scene)

Lakshmi Ramakrishan directs AarokanamLakshmi Ramakrishan directs AarokanamLakshmi Ramakrishan directs AarokanamLakshmi Ramakrishan directs Aarokanam

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